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Sending Pre-Approved Content

If your Account Owner has uploaded pre-approved content and given you access, you can then send the content to your authorized social network profiles.

1. To view and send content, from the My Tools menu, select Content Libraries.

2. You will then see a list of folder's you have access to. To view the content within a folder, simply click the folder name.

3. You will then see a list of posts created and ready for you to send. Select the paper airplane icon to the left of the post you'd like to send.

4. Then you can select the social network(s) you'd like to send the post to and when you would like it to be sent. Then you will click send. If the post was a "One Time" post, it will go out when you click send, if it is a scheduled or recurring post, it will go out on the date and time you selected.



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