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Why can't I see my post in the calendar?

If you've created a post in the calendar and clicked "schedule" or "send now," but the post is not showing up in the calendar after the page refreshes, then you need to select the account that you'd like to show posts for again and hit update.

If you'd like that account to always be selected so that you do not have to re-select and click update each time, you will need to select the account to be "preselected."

To preselect the account:

1.) Go to "My Tools" and select "Social Networks"

2.) Once there, select the social network from the menu on the left

3.) Then in the "My Accounts" section of the page, there will be a column for "Preselected?" Check the box next to the account you'd like to have always be selected.

4.) If you're looking to have a Facebook Fan Page or a LinkedIn Discussion Group or Company Page preselected, click the tab for the respective page and make sure the Fan Page, Discussion Group or Company Page is "Activated" with the check box

5.) Then select the box under "Always On?" for it to be preselected

6.) Now, when you're on your calendar page, any accounts that are preselected will automatically show the posts in the calendar.

7.) Also note that when you create posts, these accounts will again be preselected, so be careful to make sure the account you're sending a post to is properly selected.


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