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Sharing Social Accounts to Team Members and Groups

Account Owners can share social network accounts they've linked to Gremlin Social to their team members and/or Groups. Team members can link their own social network accounts within their Gremlin Social profiles, but do not have access to share them out to other team members.


As the Account Owner, to share your profiles: 

1. From the navigation bar go to Networks. 

2. From the left side tabs, select the social network whose profile you'd like to share.

3. You will then see any linked social profiles you've added to Gremlin Social for that network. Then, go to the Manage Account Access tab to share the profile to either to a specific User or to an entire Group. 

4. Select the username of the team member or the Group from its dropdown, select the social network profile from the account drop down, and assign as an Admin role from the role dropdown.


5. Click "Add Association," and then the User or Group selected will have access to the social profile. After you add the association, you can then see a list of team members and their roles to your profiles. Filter the results either by Users or Groups. 

6. You can also remove access on this page as well, by just clicking the red x next to the Group or User.


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