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Setting Default Network for Posts

You can set your account up so that certain social media sites are automatically selected to post to or view posts for. Otherwise, you will manually select the accounts to post to or view.

To set this up:

1. Go to the “Social Networks” page under the “My Tools” menu. Select the left side tab for the social network you want to make your default, and click the “Preselected?” box. When this box is checked, this social network will always be checked as the profile to which your messages will be sent, every time you type a new message. To turn off this default option, return to the appropriate tab in the Social Networks page in Gremlin and uncheck the box.

2. For Facebook Business Pages and LinkedIn Company Pages, you will click on the Pages tab for Facebook and the Companies tab for LinkedIn. Here, instead of saying Preselected? the column will say Always On? This means the same thing and you will check the box next to the Business or Company page you would like to default your posts to.


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