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Running a Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter gives you the ability to run an Advanced Search. This allows users to search for a particular hashtag, word, phrase, person, company, etc. So, even if you're not actively posting or engaging on Twitter, it's still beneficial to have an account authorized within Gremlin Social to be an active listener on Twitter.


- You can do an advanced search of public Tweets that mentions your brand name, but may not tag your handle by adding your full brand name in the Exact Phrase section of the Advanced Search area.

- You can search for posts sent by or to a competitors Twitter account by entering their Twitter handle in the From this person or To this person section of the Advanced Search area.

- If you're participating in a live event or following a certain trend, you can pull in hashtag(s) to follow live Tweets using that hashtag.

1. To add an Advanced Search panel for Twitter, navigate to the dashboard and click “Add Panel.” Make sure you’re viewing the Twitter tab. 

2. You'll want to give the panel a name and select which Twitter account you want the information to pull from.  Then choose "Advanced Search" from the dropdown that says General by default. Then enter the information you'd like to have in your advanced search. You have several options, including searching for certain words and phrases, a particular hashtag, or specific twitter handles.

3. You can also choose to designate that your results be filtered only to those posts that are in the form of “Retweets” or “questions.” 

4. If you’d like, you can also choose to have your results filtered by location. Scroll down until you see the “location” section of the panel pop-up window, and click the box to activate further specifications. 

5. Once you’ve selected the “Location” option, you’ll have options to designate the country, state, city and range  to further cull your results. 


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