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Adding and Editing Keyword Filtration

Keyword filtration is a way for you and your Admins to moderate what your team members and Groups can post to corporate and business social network profiles. You can set certain words and phrases to be blocked or restricted from being sent out.

To add or edit keywords:

1. From the My Tools menu in the top right corner of your screen, go to the Keywords page. Here you can enter in various keywords and phrases either one by one, or in bulk as a CSV or Excel file, that you want to be blocked or restricted from groups you manage or individual users.


2. You can select the group/individual that you want this keyword filtration to affect, and then select whether you want the particular word/phrase to be blocked meaning it will not go out at all, or restricted meaning it will require review by an Admin before being posted. 

3. To add keywords in bulk, use a program such as Notepad to create a comma separated value (CSV) file or an Excel file. Simply type the keywords you want to block or restrict and separate each word with a comma. Save the file and then return to the Gremlin Keyword page.

4. Select the group you want to moderate and whether you want the keywords to be blocked or restricted, then select the “bulk upload” bubble.

5.) Select the file you want to upload. Click the blank text box and your keywords should appear in a list below.

6.) You can then delete words if you decide you no longer want them blocked or restricted. You’ll need to upload separate lists for the blocked keywords or the restricted keywords.


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