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Viewing Link Statistics

If you've created a shortened link using Gremlin Social's tool, you can then view how many clicks those links have gotten. This is useful information to see where your clicks are coming from and what types of content is getting the most engagement.

To view your links:

1. From the My Tools dropdown in the top right corner of your screen and select Links

2. On the main page, you’ll see the account you are currently in as well as form fields for a date range. You can select the dates to pull in the links you’ve created during that time period.

3. On the far left, you’ll see the number of times people have clicked on your link. You’ll then see the shortened link, the original link, and the first few lines of the page or article you’ve shared. The next column shows when the link was created. The far right column provides you to go and view the link detail. You can sort the results of these columns simply by clicking the title of the column.

4. Click on the graph icon to see more details on your link, such as the date and time people clicked on it, the referring domain (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as well as the viewer’s country, language, and browser type. 

Note: Some of this information may not be provided based on the settings the end user has setup on their browser.


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