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Shortening Links

In Gremlin Social, you can take the long URL of a link you may be sharing to your social network profiles or elsewhere on the web, and make it into a shorter link with a link shortening tool. The benefit is to make long, ugly URL's look cleaner in your post, as well as to be able to track clicks and engagement on those links.

You can use Gremlin Social's link shortener, or if you have a account authorized in Gremlin, you can use this as well. 


There are two ways to shorten links using within Gremlin. The first is on the Link Shortener page that you navigate to from the My Tool button in the top right corner.

1. Click the Link Shortener link, which will take you to the link-shortening page. 

2. Select the account preference at the top. 

3. Enter the long URL you’d like to shorten, and simply click the shorten button. 

4. The page will refresh and your shortened link will appear below the URL bar. You can click the link to ensure it works. You’ll notice underneath your link, you can still view the original link. You can just copy and paste this link wherever you’d like to use it. 


The second way to shorten a link is in the Message Form when you are creating a new post.

1. Simply paste the original URL in the message

2. Then click shorten link at the top left

3. You’ll get a drop down asking if you want to use the shortener or your shortener. Clicking the one of the option will automatically create a shortened link. 

Note: If using a link, you can view those link clicks in Gremlin Social. If using, you will have to go to's website to view those link statistics.


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