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Scheduling Multiple Posts at Once

In Gremlin Social, you can upload many posts at once to be scheduled for the future. This is a time saving trick to easily schedule all your posts for a certain time-frame.

Note: This feature is only available to those at the Account Owner, SuperAdmin or Admin role levels.


To schedule multiple posts at once:

1. From the My Tools menu in the top right corner of your screen and select Bulk Uploads.

2. When you have written all of your messages and saved the document as a .csv, .xlsx or .xls file, return to the Bulk Upload page in Gremlin. Click the blank text box to find your saved file on your computer. For more information on creating a bulk posts document, see the article on the feature.

Note: Uploading a bulk post file allows you to pre-schedule multiple posts that have text and URLs. Because .csv, .xlsx and .xls files do not support file attachments or link metadata, these additional pieces of content to your post will have to be added after the post is uploaded into the Gremlin scheduling tool.

3. You will see the name of the file you’ve selected in the field. Double-check to make sure this is the right file! Next, click Upload. Gremlin will notify you of any issues with your format. 

4. If the document has been formatted correctly, you will see all of your pre-created posts appear below the upload box. Check your messages to make sure they were pulled in correctly and the dates and times are correct. 

5. If everything looks correct, you can then select which social network profile(s) you’d like to schedule these posts to. Once you have selected your profile(s), click save.

6. You’ll then be automatically redirected to the My Posts page, where you can select that same social network profile(s) you’ve just bulk scheduled posts to go to and edit your search criteria, and click update list. For more information on searching for posts via the My Posts page, visit our article Searching for Posts Created in Gremlin.

7. You’ll now see your full list of posts scheduled to go out to the social profile(s), and your newly uploaded posts should be included. Here, you can view, edit, or delete any of those posts if you need to make changes.


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