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Scheduling a Feed

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a standardized web format used to publish content from blogs, headlines or audio and video content. In Gremlin Social, you can add an RSS feed to your Gremlin account and easily set a schedule for that content to post to your authorized social network profiles.

Note: This feature is only available to those at the Account Owner, SuperAdmin or Admin role levels.


After you've added a feed to your Gremlin account you can schedule that feed to automatically send posts to your social network when something new is published.


1. From the Schedule Feeds page, you can automate posts from a given feed to your social network profiles. First, you’ll want to choose the feed you want to schedule posts from then click Next. 

2. You’ll then see the Feed Content page. Select what content you want to pull from the RSS feed (title only, description only, or title and description). Then select whether you’d like to use a link shortener, either or if you have a account authorized in Gremlin, and the Unique Identifier, which is set to Publication Date. 

3. The Prefix and Suffix fields are for entering copy you want to add to the beginning or end of the post, such as “Read this” or “Check this out!” You can check if you’d like to include it only if space is available in your post.

4. You’ll then click “Next (feed schedule)” and come to the scheduling page. Here, you can decide how many posts you’d like to go out to your social network account. Set the max number of posts, with the time you want in between, on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis. 

5. Click Next, and you’ll be able to select which networks you want your posts to be sent from. You can select as many of your personal networks as you wish. 

6. Click Schedule the Feed and you will now see your schedule for the given feed. You can edit or delete these by clicking on the corresponding icons in the far right column. To get back to the main Feed Manager screen, just click Feed Manager and to return to add a new scheduled feed click new scheduled feed.


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