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Adding a feed

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a standardized web format used to publish content from blogs, headlines or audio and video content. In Gremlin Social, you can add an RSS feed to your Gremlin account and easily set a schedule for that content to post to your authorized social network profiles.

Note: This feature is only available to those at the Account Owner, SuperAdmin or Admin role levels.


To Add a feed into your Gremlin account:

1. Go to the My Tools drop down in the top right corner and select Feeds – this will take you to the Feed Manager page. Click the add new feed button. 

2. A new Feed Type page will appear. Enter the name of the feed you’d like to add. You can add any blog or website that has an RSS feed so you can schedule posts automatically when that site has added new content. For more information on finding the Feed URL, visit our article Adding an RSS Feed to your Dashboard.


3. Once you’ve added your feed, it will appear in your Feed Manager list. You’ll see the Feed Name, the Feed URL, and when you added it to your Gremlin account. 

Each feed will have the option to be viewed, edited, scheduled, or deleted.

4. Clicking view will bring up the schedule of assigned posts you are sending out from that particular feed.

5. Clicking edit will allow you to change the Feed name, URL, or format. 

View the Scheduling Feeds article for more information on this feature.


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