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Creating and Viewing Posts in the Calendar

Gremlin Social's calendar feature makes it quick and easy to create content for the day, week, month, or for however far in advance you'd like. You can easily schedule new content and manage already created content in a intuitive calendar view.

Creating Posts in the Calendar

1. From the My Tools menu, go to Calendar.

2. The Calendar view defaults to view posts for any social network profiles you have set as Preselected. If you do not have any profiles set to be Preselected, you will need to select the profile(s) whose posts you'd like to view. Then click Update Calendar.

3. The Calendar also defaults to a week view for the current week. You can change this view to Day, Week, Month, or Timeline and navigate from week to week, month to month, etc with the arrows in the top right of the calendar.

4. To create new posts in the Calendar, simply click on the day and/or timeslot that you'd like to create the post for.

5. The Message Form will appear for you to compose your post. The scheduled time will automatically set itself to the time slot you selected. 

6. You can also view, edit, copy and delete posts. To view the details of the post, left click it to see additional information about it. To edit, copy or delete, right click the post, and select one of the options from the dropdown.

Note: you cannot edit or delete messages that have already posted or messages created by other team members to that social profile.

7. If you click Edit, you can make whatever changes to that scheduled post needed before it goes live to the social profile.

8. If you click Copy, this will bring up the message form screen, allowing you to make a copy of the post and schedule it again to another social profile if you choose.

9. If you click Delete, this will remove the post from Gremlin and any scheduling occurrences for the future.

Note: If the post has already gone live to the social network, deleting it in Gremlin does not delete it from the social profile. You will have to do this directly from the network.


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