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Viewing LinkedIn Statistics

To see your Statistics, go to the “My Tools” drop down in the top right corner of your screen and select “Statistics”. Here you can view your statistics for your Twitter, Facebook,, LinkedIn, and Klout accounts.  

Select LinkedIn Statistics from the dropdown menu. Then select the date range you’d like by clicking on the calendar icon.  

You can then view all the statistics gathered from your selected Twitter account in the given time range.

Here you can see your connections, number of posts, and number of recommendations given and received.

You can isolate any of these statistics in your view by clicking on the names of the other statistics to turn them “on” or “off”. 

When you hover over the pinpoints on the line graphs, you can see the exact stat.

You can zoom in on a section by switching to “Zoom Mode” and clicking and dragging your cursor over the section you’d like to highlight. Click “Reset Chart” to return to the normal view.

You can also compare two date ranges against each other by switching to “Pin Mode” – here, just select a section of the graph, and drag it on top of another section for comparison. 

These actions are the same throughout the statistics section of Gremln. You can zoom, pin, and isolate any of the graphs you pull in using Gremln’s statistics.


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