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Creating Custom Reports

You can create custom reports of your social media statistics to share at meetings or to help compare analytics.

To view or create a report:

1.) Go to the “My Tools” drop down in the top right corner of your screen and select“Reports.” This will take you to the “Reports” page.. 

2.) To build a custom report, you’ll first need to click on the “add new report” button and select Custom, then next. 

3.) You’ll need to give the report a title, select a date range, and enter the report description.

4.) If you are a deluxe, pro, or premium user, you can add your own logo to make a branded report. These logos can be 400 pixels wide by 300 pixels high, with a maximum file size of 256kb. If you are using a logo and have uploaded it, click “create report”. Here’s where you can customize your report. 

5.) When you are all set with your specifications, click “Create Report.” Then, you’ll see your header – and are now able to add different sections to create your custom report. 

6.) Click “add section” – a message box will appear.

7.) You can provide a name and description for the section you’d like to add, select the source where you’d like to pull information, the type of info you’d like to see, the date range you are interested in, and the chart type and position on the report. Then click save. 

8.) Add multiple sections from various networks, if you like. When you’ve finished creating your custom report, you can export the PDF.


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