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Copying and Editing Posts

If you've created and scheduled a post for the future in the Gremlin Social tool, you can copy, edit or delete that post either on the My Posts page or on the Calendar Page.

To learn how to filter and search for posts on the My Posts page, visit our article Searching for Posts Created in Gremlin. 


1. If you're on the My Posts page and viewing a list of posts you've created and scheduled for the future, you have the option to copy, edit or delete posts. You can do this by clicking the “copy,” “edit,” or "delete" icons on the post screen.

Note: Edit and Delete will only be available if you are the creator of the post. If another team member created the post, these options will not be available to you.

Also, they will not be available if the post has already sent live to the social network.


2. If you click Copy, this will bring up the message form screen, allowing you to make a copy of the post and schedule it again to another social profile if you choose.

3. If you click Edit, you can make whatever changes to that scheduled post needed before it goes live to the social profile.

Note: You cannot edit messages that have already been posted.

4. If you click Delete, this will remove the post from Gremlin and any scheduling occurrences for the future.

Note: If the post has already gone live to the social network, deleting it in Gremlin does not delete it from the social profile. You will have to do this directly from the network.

5. If you're on the Calendar and viewing your posting schedule here, you can do the same options for posts scheduled for the future by right clicking on the post and selecting Copy, Edit or Delete.


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