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Creating Posts with the Message Form

Gremlin Social's posting capabilities makes it easy to create social media content for multiple social network profiles at once. To create a new post, you'll need to bring up the Message Form:

1. Go to the top right corner of your screen and click on the message bubble icon directly to the left of the “My Tools” drop down. This is on every page of the Gremlin platform and is where you can create new messages to post to any of the social network profiles you’ve authorized within Gremlin Social.

2. In the white box of the Message Form is where you will type the text content of your post and you can insert link URL's here as well. 

3. If you do have a link URL in your post, you can shorten it with a link shortening tool. The benefit is to make long, ugly URL's look cleaner in your post, as well as to be able to track clicks and engagement on those links. You can use Gremlin Social's link shortener, or if you have a account authorized in Gremlin, you can use this as well. To shorten the link, first paste the full link URL into your post. Then, in the top middle of the Message Form, hover over "shorten links" and select the tool you'd like. They will automatically shorten the URL for you.

4. Note the character counters in the top right corner of the form. Here you can see how many characters you have remaining for the various social networks – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The count will automatically update as you type, add links, or add photos – so you’re always aware of how much space you have remaining.

If you go over the character limit, the character counter will turn red and show negative characters for how many you've gone over.

When you hit post, you will also receive a notification telling you that you've gone over the character limit and ask if you'd still like to post the message as is or if you'd like to edit it.

5. To add an image or video file, just click the “add file” button, and select the file you’d like to use.  

Note: Each social network has their own size and file type restrictions. Also, you can attach one file per social post in Gremlin Social.

6. When you have the content all ready, then you will select the social network profile(s) you'd like to send or schedule the post for. You can select as many or as few of the accounts you’ve linked to Gremlin. 

7. If you do have a link URL in your post, if you're selecting a Facebook and/or LinkedIn profile(s), the link metadata will appear. Link metadata is information associated with that link that you can send along with the post. Images on that webpage will appear and you can choose from the options. A headline and description will also show if they are available from that URL and you can edit these by clicking the pencil and paper icon.

8. When the post, content, URL information and social networks are all filled out, you then will want to determine when the post should go out. You have the option to make this a One Time post, which will send only once and at the moment you click send. You can Schedule the post and choose the date and time in the future in which you'd like it to go out. Or you can make this a Recurring post and set the first date and time you’d like the message to post. You can then further designate how frequently you’d like to post this message – whether it be a on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You can also set an end date if you’d like the message to cease posting after a certain period of time, or leave it open ended by selecting “no end date.” When you’ve made all your selections, click Send and the message will be added to your queue.

9. If at any point you decide you no longer want to post a message, you can just click “Cancel” and the message box will close, and nothing will post to your accounts. 


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