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Making Changes to Declined Posts

As a User or Guest level team member, you may have posts that will be moderated by your respective Admin(s). Should a post get declined by an admin, they will leave a reason why they declined and the team member that originally created the post can then make changes.

1. When a post is declined, you will receive an email from Gremlin Social notifying you of the declined post and the reason why.

2. When you receive that email, you can then login to your Gremlin account and navigate to the post to make changes. From the My Tools menu, go to the My Posts page to filter for the post.

3. Once there, select which social network profile(s) you’d like to filter posts from. Hover over each network, and select which account you’d like to view.

4. Next, you’ll enter your search parameters. You can enter a search word or phrase that is included in the post. In the Type section, you will want to select Denied.

5. The Date Type defaults to posts that were Created in the last 30 days, but you can narrow down the date range or also change the Date Type and update the range for the specified Date Type.

6. Then click Update List. You should then see your post and possibly others depending on your search parameters set. In the Action column next to the post, click the Copy icon.

7. This will make a duplicate of the post for you to make the edits your Admin requested. If you are a User level team member and your post doesn't trigger any keywords, then it will be scheduled without second review. If it does trigger a keyword, it will go back to your Admin(s) for a second round of review. If you are a Guest level team member, your post will go back to your Admin(s) for a second round of review once you submit it again.


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