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How Do Admins and Team Members Get Notified of a Moderation Item?


Account Owners, SuperAdmins and Admins have the ability to moderate posts of Users and Guests in the Groups they oversee. When these Admin role team members have a post submitted for review, they will receive an email from, such as the email below. They will then login to Gremlin to take action on the post via their Moderation List.

Note: You may want to add this email address to your email white-list and also have your companies IT team white-list this address so emails do not go missed.


Users and Guests

Users and Guests that submit posts to their Admin(s) for review will receive an email from when their post has either been Approved or Declined. If the post has been declied, they will also see the reason their Admin has given for declining their post. The team member can then go back into their Gremlin account to make any changes requested to the post.


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