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Adding an RSS Feed in your Dashboard

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a standardized web format used to publish content from blogs, headlines or audio and video content. In Gremlin Social, you can add other websites RSS feeds to your dashboard to skim through headlines quickly and all in one place.

For the basics of setting up your Dashboard, visit our article Setting up your Gremlin Social Dashboard.

1. On your Dashboard, navigate to or add a Page. On the page which you'd like to add your RSS Feed panel, then click +Panel.

2. On the left of your different panel options, select Feeds. In the dropdown that defaults to "Saved Feeds" select "Other Feeds."

3. In the text box under Feed URL is where you will want to enter the URL for the feed of the website. This is different than the general website URL. 

Tips to find the Feed URL:


- The icon above is the universal icon for RSS Feed. Sometimes it is different colors such as gray or orange. If you see this icon on a website, you are likely able to click it and it will take you to a page where you can find the RSS Feed URL.

- You can also search around on the website for terms such as RSS Feed, News Feed, etc. If you click this, it is also likely to take you to a page wher you can find the RSS Feed URL. Below is an example of Financial Times' website where they have News Feed listed in the footer of their home page. The image below that is where that link takes you and this is the RSS Feed URL you will want to copy and paste into the Gremlin panel.

- If you are still unable to find the page for Feeds on the website, you can usually just do a search in your search engine of choice with the name of the website and RSS or Feed added after.

4. Once you've found the Feed URL and added it into the +Panel, click Add Panel. Then you will see headlines and descriptions for articles and posts from those feeds:


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