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Linking LinkedIn and Company Pages

When you log into Gremlin Social, the first thing you will see is your dashboard. In order to get started setting up your dashboard or publishing, you’ll need to first link your social network accounts. 

1. Hover over the "Networks" dropdown in your navigation bar and select "LinkedIn Accounts"



2. You will then be brought to the LinkedIn Accounts page.

3. Then click the green "Link a LinkedIn account" button. 

4. After you click the "Link a LinkedIn Account" button, you'll get a pop-up asking to grant Gremlin Social access to your LinkedIn account. If you're already logged in to LinkedIn, your credentials will automatically be entered. If not, you'll need to enter these manually for your personal LinkedIn profile. Then click "Allow Access."


5. Once the account is added, you will see it listed in the My Accounts section of the page. Your account will automatically be checked off to archive posts to it and the Company Pages it's an administrator of as long as those Company Pages are Activated.

6. If the profile you added is an administrator of a LinkedIn Company page, you can also Activate and Preselect that account under the Companies tab. Only Company Pages that are Activated will be archived.Activate_LI_Pages.png7. To add more than one profile of the same social network, add the first profile, log out of the social network natively, and then add the second profile.


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