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Do I Need to Re-add Social Profiles if I've Changed the Password?

If you've changed the password to any of your social network accounts that you have added into Gremlin Social, you will need to reauthorize that account to continue to have access through the Gremlin application.

To do this:

1.) Make sure you are logged out of the native social network site.

2.) In Gremlin, go to My Tools in the top right corner of the screen and Select Social Networks.

3.) Select the social network account name that you will be re-authorizing from the left menu.

4.) DO NOT delete the social network account from Gremlin, as this will remove any data stored within Gremlin you have associated with that account.

5.) Click the purple "Link a (social network name) account"

6.) When the authorization popup appears, enter your username and password for that account and click authorize.

7.) The popup will appear and the Gremlin page will refresh and your account will be reauthorized with your updated account password.


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