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Reauthorizing Social Network Accounts

Sometimes, the social networks want to make sure that you're still allowing Gremlin Social to connect to your social profiles. This will cause you to have to reauthorize the profiles in Gremlin Social to continue to allow access.


1. When you need to reauthorize, login to your Gremlin Social account and a popup will appear letting you know which social profiles you need to take action on. Then you can click the Reauthorize button.

2. You will then be taken to the Social Network Account section for the profile in Gremlin Social, where you can click Authorize to update the profile. When you click Authorize, you will get a popup from the social network to login to the account you'd like to authorize.

For Facebook, you will have a series of additional popups requesting permissions. Click OK for all of them to regain full access in Gremlin Social.

3. If you did not receive the Authorize popup, simply click the Link A (Social Network Name) Account button, and login to the account again.

4. When you've successfully authorized, you will see your social network still listed and the status will say OK rather than Invalid.

Note: Do not click the red x or delete the social network account in attempt to reauthorize. Removing the account from Gremlin Social will remove all archived posts on the network and data regarding content created within Gremlin for the networks.



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