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Sending Posts from the Content Library

When content library folders and content have been created, the Account Owner and any team members within Groups that the Account Owner has shared those folders to can then send that content live to their social profiles.

1. From the My Tools menu, go to Content Libraries.

2. Click on a folder in which you'd like to view posts for.

3. When you find a post you'd like to send to a social profile, click the paper airplane icon in the Actions column.

4. The post will appear in the message creation form. The text of the post is not editable because it is pre-approved and any edits to the post would have to be sent through the moderation workflow. You only need to select which social profile(s) you'd like to schedule the post for and when you would like it to go out. Then click send and the post will be scheduled as noted.

Note: If the folder the post is in or the post itself has a date range, you cannot schedule the post to any dates outside of the available range.


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