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Managing Content Library Folders

The Content Library feature was created so you can add pre-approved social posts into the Gremlin Social platform for team members to use without having to go through the moderation workflow.

Adding folders, posts and granting access to folders for the team is all done in the Account Owner account.

Before you can add the content itself, you first need to decide how you would like to organize your content. This is done by creating different folders for content to be placed in. 

Adding New Folders

1. To create a new folder in the Content Library, from the My Tools menu go to the Content Libraries page.

2. On the Content Library tab is where you will Add and Edit existing folders. To add a new folder, in the Create a Content Folder section of the page, you will give the folder a name and if you so choose, give the folder a date range in which the posts within that folder will be available. Otherwise, you can leave the dates blank. Then click "Add."

3. You will then see the folder listed below the Create a Content Folder section.

Editing and Deleting Content Folders

1. If at any time you need to edit or delete a content folder, you will do so on this same page.

2. To edit the name or date of the folder, in the Action column click the pencil icon. The name and date range currently set for the folder will appear above the list of folders in the Create a Content Folder section. You can then change the name and dates and click Add again. The folder will then appear back in the list with the updates made.

3. To delete a folder, simply click the trash icon in the Action column. You will get a popup asking if you are sure. If so, click OK or if you do not want to delete, click Cancel.

Note: Once a folder is deleted, it and the content within it cannot be recovered.


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