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Assigning Team Members to Groups

After you add a new team member to Gremlin, you want to be sure to add them to a Group within your Gremlin team and with a role to match the level of permission you'd like them to have. This assures they are part of a moderation workflow. To add a team member to a group:

1. Hover over Teams in the navigation bar and go to the Manage Groups page. Then click on the "Manage Group Access" tab.

2. Here, from the dropdown menus, you will select the Group you would like to add your team member to, the username of the team member and the role you would like to assign them. For more information on roles, visit our article User Role Definitions and Permissions.


3. A team member can only be part of one group at a time and can have only one role assigned to them. To change what Group they're a part of, on the Manage Group Access tab, you will click the red x next to the user to remove them from the current Group they're a part of and follow steps 1-3 to add them to another Group.

4. To change the user's role, on this page, simply select from the dropdown which new role you would like to assign the team member.



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