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Managing Content Library Social Posts

The Content Library feature was created so you can add pre-approved social posts into the Gremlin Social platform for team members to use without having to go through the moderation workflow.

Adding folders, posts and granting access to folders for the team is all done in the Account Owner account.

Before you can add the content itself, you first need to decide how you would like to organize your content. This is done by creating different folders for content to be placed in. To learn more about adding folders in the Content Library, visit our article Managing Content Library Folders.

When the folders have been added, you can then begin to create the content  of your pre-approved social posts within the folders.

Adding New Content

1. To add content into a folder in the library, from the My Tools menu go to the Content Libraries page. 

2. Here, you will see a list of existing folders. Click on the folder name in which you would like to add content.

3. Within the folder, you will see two large purple buttons in the top right of the page. Click the one that says "Add Content."

4. The message creation form will then appear. In the white box is where you will type the text of your post, paste any link URL's you'd like to add to the post, and shorten the link with or

5. If you would like to add your own image file to the post, click "Add File" and navigate to the image you'd like to attach.

6. Note: Be sure to keep an eye on the character counters for each network in the top right of the post. Images and links do also take up some characters.

7. Be sure the folder you want the pre-approved post to be in is correctly selected.

8. If you would like the post to have a specific date range it is available for, you can give it a start and end date. Note: If the folder has a start and end date, the post's start and end date will be auto-filled to that of the folders. You can change this for the post as long as it is within the frame of the date range of the folder.

9. When everything in the post is set, click "Save." The folder will refresh and you should see the details of the post listed.

Editing and Deleting Content

1. If at any time you need to edit or delete content in a folder, you can do this on the same page.

2. To edit, click the pencil icon in the Action column next to the piece of content. You can then make any changes to the content and save it.

3. To delete, click the trash icon in the Action column next to the piece of content. This will delete the content from the folder and Gremlin Social.


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