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Adding and Removing Team Members

As the Account Owner of your Gremlin team, if you have available licenses with your plan, you can create new Gremlin accounts for your team members as well as remove accounts of team members that will no longer be using the tool on behalf of your business. 


Adding Team Members

1. To add a new Gremlin account to your team, from your navigation bar, hover over Teams and go to the Manage Users page. Then, go to the Team Management tab.


2. On the Team Management page, you will see a list of users you currently have associated with your Gremlin plan. If you need to add a new team member to the tool, simply click the purple "Add A New User" button.

3. A popup form will appear for you to fill out with the team member's information, username and password. They may change their password when they access their account. Then click "Create My Account" and the popup will disappear. Refresh your browser screen and you should then see the new team member listed.

4. To ensure the team member is part of the moderation workflow, you will need to add them to a Group and assign them a role. Visit our Assigning Team Members to Groups article for more information here.


Removing Team Members

1. If you need to remove a team member's Gremlin account, you can do this also from the Manage Users/ Team Management tab. Next to the team member's username is a red x you can click to remove their account.

Note: Removing a team member's Gremlin profile also removes any post history created in Gremlin, any reports or statistics from Gremlin associated with the account, any social networks that user has added, any archive reports, and Gremlin will no longer archive going forward for those social networks.


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