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What Does Reauthorize Mean and Why Do I Have to Do It?

Sometimes, the social networks want to make sure that you're still allowing Gremlin Social to connect to your social profiles. This will cause you to have to reauthorize the profiles in Gremlin Social to continue to allow access. You will need the username and password information to reauthorize the associated accounts into Gremlin.

If you're not the team member that originally authorized the profile into Gremlin Social, you will want to contact your Account Owner or social profile owner to have them reauthorize for the whole team.

Some items that may cause the need to reauthorize your profiles in Gremlin are:

- A change of social network password

- Not logging into Gremlin Social within 30 days

- Profile no longer exists

Gremlin Social uses cascading authentication, so that all pages, profiles and groups associated with the same native social network account can be reconnected at the same time (avoiding the need for individual authentication).


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